About Us

We are a group of internet nerds who have always had a keen interest in gambling; each with a special interest in the mathematics and the statistics of gambling games (and a keener interest in making money). We have spent years playing both online and in live action games.

Like most people that we know that share this interest, we have always been looking for that edge: the advantage over the house and other players. With this in mind, we began working together in an information-sharing consortium to find the best offers, keep abreast of the news, and building a portfolio of online casinos to see if we could track the most profitable play.

The rest was just a natural progression towards setting up www.casinos2go.com to share this information, the benefit to this being that we can further immerse ourselves in the amazing world of gambling.

The Players

There are three main players behind www.casinos2go.com:

Name: Samuel “The Push” Devon2
Age: 38
Location: Las Vegas, United States
About: The Push was educated at MIT in technical engineering. While at college found
a love for poker (which soon extended to many games). A strong background in mathematics, he took to the game like a fish to water. Within just one year he was a professional live action player. With the boom of internet games, The Push wasted no time jumping in head first and has run several sites with tips and tricks for budding players.
Vision: “Most players want to keep their secrets to themselves; I was never like this. If you
are that good you should invite new information being shared. So it is my vision to be a part of the biggest information platform for online gaming that the world has ever seen.”
Contact: thepush@casino2go.com

Name: Chuy “Code Monster” Sliva1
Age: 26
Location: Madrid, Spain
About: Studied mathematics at Oxford University, England, before moving into programming.
The Code Monster has been responsible for two successful internet start-ups that both sold for over $1 million. He has been a regular feature on the higher stake end of both online and live action play for many years now. He is not someone you want to sit at a table with! He is our tech guy and one of the best. And in terms of understanding complicated theories behind gambling, there is no one that can meet his knowledge.
Vision: “I simply want to be part of something big. I want to make something that affects the world. Gambling is more than a hobby to me, it is something that I live. And to try to do what we are doing with Casino2Go, I think that we will make history in the gambling world.”
Contact: codemonster@casino2go.com

Name: Grundi “The Banker” Lovui
Age: 45
Location: New York, United States
About: The Banker worked for years as an investment specialist in The Big Apple – but his
real love has always been the gaming tables. The oldest of our group, he has followed online gambling from the start and always had a clear understanding of playing the right game at the right rate; with his background he always bases his decisions on being in the know. If there was one you could say was the founder, it is The Banker – the first to seek to build up a consortium that could pool knowledge. Because knowledge is power.
Vision: “My vision has always been clear: to beat the house! Casino2Go has always been an
extension of that. With a larger pool of information we can leverage our risk. And sharing has never been an issue for me – I just like to get in there first.”
Contact: thebanker@casino2go.com