In brief:

“One of the best! This is a leader in online casinos – do doubt!” 5/5

In depth:

This casino is operated under the Bet365 group and is run under the jurisdiction of Gibraltar.

This casino is the top end of casinos, part of the giant 365 empire. And they quite frankly do everything! If you want slots, progressive slots, table games (with a wide range), parlour games – basically lots and lots of choices. There is something for everyone here. As one of the biggest operators with the best software, there is a lot of action happening and this creates a real buzz at the tables. It doesn’t really matter what your game is, it will not only be there but there will be lots of others there too, meaning that you get the real casino feel.


The popular progressive slots are pooled from Playtech network which means that they build very fast and into the millions. And as one of the professional big boy casinos they will pay you your win in one lump sum, which is really the way it should be (but sometimes isn’t).

The software itself is very usable and easy to download and has lots of great features to boot. As the big player in the market they have some of the most straight-forward and attractive software. And on top of this, due to their highly competitive nature, they offer the best bonuses whether you are a new or a regular player. Also as expected they will provide VIP services for the high-end gamers and those that play often enough.

Bet 365 offers instant messaging and twenty four hour support, with free calls, email and even fax. There is no way you cannot get through with someone when you need to. With cash in and out they offer maybe the widest range of options, with no hidden catches. Plus quick, painless withdraws.